where is my library

Apple! Where is my Mac library?… I really wish Apple wouldn’t do this and I’m sure you do too. I know, I know they are protecting Mac newbies in case they delete things off – but really is this necessary? How many people are that new to a computer that they are deleting things that just so happen to be vital to the running of the Mac? I don’t think this happens often enough to waste so many peoples time trying to ‘find’ or ‘unhide’ the library that it’s worthwhile – especially as hiding the library means when you search your Mac anything within this folder doesn’t show up! Good one Apple!

Anyway I will stop my whinging (haha) long enough to let you know where to find it and how to show it permanently if you wish.

Below is the guide on how to show your library temporarily.

Click here for the guide to show your library permanently.

Temporarily show your library on a Mac

From the desktop view/finder on a Mac select ‘Go’ from the top nav bar.

Go menu

Hold down the option key on your keyboard.

Option Key Mac

This will make your library appear. You need to keep the option key held down to click on the library folder which will open in finder.

Library Mac

Permanently show your library on a Mac

To permanently show your library in the finder sidebar you first need to go to your home/user folder. So with finder open go to ‘Finder’ in the top menu and select ‘Preferences’.

Preferences in Finder

Then from the top of ‘Preferences’ select ‘Sidebar’ and from the options below tick your home/user account which will be shown with the house icon (see below).

Home folder

Now your home/user folder will be visible in the sidebar of finder.

Finder Sidebar

With your home/user account selected go to ‘View’ in the top bar and select ‘Show View Options’.

view menu

Tick ‘Show library folder’ from the list.

show library

This will permanently show the library folder in your home/user folder.

Show Library


If you wish to add it to your sidebar in finder you can now drag and drop the folder into your sidebar as you would other folders.

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