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This guide will explain how to specify the resolution with Photoshop ‘Save for web’ Feature. This is actually something that I personally didn’t know I was doing wrong and didn’t check for a while so I thought I’d share it and maybe someone else might find it useful.

If you are under the impression that Save for web’ in Photoshop will just embed the resolution you set in image size – sadly you are wrong. For the file to maintain the resolution you set, you have to put in the correct settings and here’s how:

Below is the written guide on how to specify the resolution with Photoshop ‘Save for web’

Click Here for the video guide.

Specify the resolution with Photoshop ‘Save for web’

With your file open in Photoshop go to ‘File’ and then ‘Export’.

Export Photoshop

From the menu choose ‘Save for web (legacy)…’

Save for web

In the menu on the right if you see ‘Metadata’ and ‘None’ selected from the dropdown menu…

Metadata - None

…and you save that file. Photoshop will automatically change the resolution to 72dpi.

Photoshop Resolution

So to avoid that and set the resolution with ‘Save for web (legacy)…’ open:

(I like to select ‘Use Document Profile’ next to Preview)
In the drop down next to Metadata you need to select ‘All’

Metadata All

Now when you check the resolution of that file you will see that Photoshop has embedded your resolution. In this case 96dpi.

Resolution Photoshop 2

This is more just an extra tip from me I produce a lot of web banners and I find that even if I have set the image size and selected ‘All’ near ‘Metadata’ sometimes Photoshop will still export a different resolution. It seems to throw a tantrum so check your files and when this happens – restart Photoshop 🙂

How to specify the resolution with Photoshop ‘Save for web’ (CC) – Video guide

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