Resize Pages in Indesign CC Quickly

I’m going to show you a big time saver when resizing pages in Indesign CC. This is especially relevant if you are having to resize lots of pages or a document such as a brochure. Using this method you can do all the pages at once.

I have included a video and written step by step methods. As always I have tried to keep it as short and too the point as possible I hope you find it useful.

For this example I am resizing a brochure from A5 to A4 but you can resize to any custom dimensions you wish and if it is not a direct scale up/down much like when using Photoshop ‘Image size’ tool, you can then do your tweaks to each page but at least the bulk is done for you.

With your document open select the ‘Page Tool’ from the left hand bar.


In the top ribbon you will now have some different options. Under ‘Liquid page rule’ select ‘Scale’.

scale tool indesign cc

To the right of ‘Liquid page rule’ you then have 2 other options. Select ‘Objects move with page’.

Objects move with page option

In your ‘Pages’ sidebar select all the pages you want to resize.

Pages Sidebar InDesign CC

In the top ribbon you can either put your custom dimensions in or select from the preset options. In this case I am using the preset options as I want A4.

Change dimensions in InDesign CC

As soon as you have put in your new dimensions InDesign will resize your document. Here you can see it has been resized to A4.
Document size InDesign CC

Your document has been resized but you will notice that Indesign CC displays the font size and other dimensions from the original document size which can be confusing. So select all (command+a) and go to the top right corner of your ribbon and click on the menu button.


You will need to do this spread by spread – but it’s quick.

Select ‘Redefining scaling as 100%’ and your done.

Redefine scaling as 100% option Indesign CC

Written by Donna Hocking, graphic designer and creative artworker. If you are a designer / agency in need of support or a business looking for someone to create your print & web materials get in touch I’d love to hear from you. You can also read more about what services I provide here.