Can’t scroll to the edge of the image / bounding box / blue line in InDesign? – therefore you can’t adjust the image? Well if the edge of your image is just off the screen then I have the solution for you.

To be honest this is something that use to annoy me all the time – especially when created large format print like roller banners. The edge of the image box would constantly be off the screen and it use to drive me mad. It would make it difficult to resize the image but I just never looked to see why this was the case. Then one day someone mentioned this neat little trick and now I’m sharing it with you…

Below is a video or written guide to show you how it done.

Here is the written solution for when can’t see the image box to adjust it in InDesign.

Click Here for the video guide.

Can’t see the image box to adjust it in InDesign? Well here’s what you do…

Go to the top nav bar and from the ‘InDesign’ menu select ‘Preferences’.
Indesign preferences menu

Then choose ‘Guides & Pasteboard…’
Guides & pasteboard InDesign Menu

At the bottom you will see ‘Pasteboard options’ and a value for ‘Horizontal Margins’ & ‘Vertical Margins’. You need to increase the dimensions here.
InDesign pasteboard options

You can put in whatever figures you need there and then click ‘OK’ at the bottom.
Indesign Preferences OK button

And that’s it.

You will now have increased the size of the pasteboard you are working on which will now mean you can see more of your working area & in this case the edge of the bounding box like so.

Before (you can’t scroll any further right to see the right side of the image box)
Image edge in InDesign after

After (you can see the right side of the image box as the pasteboard is now bigger)
Image edge in InDesign before

Can’t see the image box to adjust it in InDesign? Well here’s what you do… (Video guide)

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I hope thats a useful tip. Thanks for reading.