I am pretty sure I’m a little slow to join the party on this one but it saved me so much time cropping images for social media that I thought it was definitely worth a mention.

Recently I was working on a project which involved branding over 50 employee photos for a company. The idea was these photos would then be cropped to various sizes for a range of social media platforms so the employees could use them on the social media channels they used.

Cropping these to the various sizes using Photoshop or similar would’ve taken some time but then we come across this little gem from Sprout Social: https://sproutsocial.com/landscape#/crop. It couldn’t be easier to use.

  • Just drag and drop the image you want to resize and select the platforms you wish to resize it for
  • Then check or adjust the crop on sprout social for the various channels
  • And your done – Sprout Social downloads the images for you in a tidy little zip file

Thanks Sprout Social!

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